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Proud Mary | Bit Different

Proud Mary | Bit Different

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Tasting Notes: Chocolate, lemon, green apple, orange, & pepper


Let's journey back to 1988 when Don Higinio and his wife, Doña Aura, embarked on an adventure by purchasing their first piece of land, which they lovingly named San José Las Moritas. Little did they know that Las Moritas would be just the beginning of their farming legacy. The yearly coffee harvest at Las Moritas kicks off in November, starting in the lower regions and concluding in April at the highest points. It's a magnificent blend of old coffee varieties growing in a charmingly chaotic layout alongside newly planted trees in meticulously planned rows. Here, coffee plants of all ages coexist, with renovations driven by selective pruning and the replacement of deceased plants. To combat the dry climate, an ingenious irrigation system has been implemented. Reservoirs feed water into tubes that traverse the coffee plots, utilizing gravity to distribute life-sustaining water to the plants. San José Las Moritas is a testament to the enduring legacy of Don Higinio and Doña Aura, a sprawling realm where the art of coffee cultivation meets innovation, diversity, and a deep connection to the land.

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