From our speciality-grade coffee sourced by Captain and Stoker, to our invigorating vegan iced-blends created in-house, we really cover all bases without taking it to the extreme.

Whether you’re a comrade of the coffee club or have a fondness for sweeter caffeine alternatives, there’s truly something for everyone. All drinks are served with oat milk unless specified and we also have coconut milk.



Here’s a little bit of information on some of our blends on offer.


    • Chai Latte: We use Prani Chai. An award winning sticky agarve vegan blend. It’s hand crafted with premium black tea, whole spices and ginger root. Simply all natural and deliciously balanced spice tea. 


    • Chagacino by Renude: This may look like a normal latte, but it’s actually a Chagaccino! This delicious adaptogenic boost has antioxidant-rich chaga mushrooms, raw cacao, Ceylon cinnamon and monk fruit sweetener. When combined with our espresso and milk the end result is a tasty, low cal drink loaded with health benefits 😋


    • Matcha Latte: 100% ceremonial grade matcha green tea. Made in Japan by Alfred. 


    • Turmeric Latte: This just happens to be nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and our modern take on an ancient healing drink. Made from oat milk, maple syrup, ground turmeric, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground cardamom, black pepper and vanilla extract


    • Iced Tea: This is a delicious Rishi iced tea that changes with the seasons. Blueberry, green tea citrus and wild berry hibiscus have been some of our previous flavours.


    • Smoothies: These new smoothie drinks are delicious and come packed with either 1) antioxidant boosting berries, or 2) a taste of the tropic with pineapple and mango. For an extra protein boost we’ve even added vanilla pea protein too! Check the smoothie menu above for the full range.


    • Bowls: Choose from either mixed berry's or mango and pineapple. Complete with vanilla pea protein, banana, coconut chips, chia seeds, homemade granola and peanut butter.

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