Our signature drinks

Indulge in the extraordinary world of Miffies Signature Lattes, where every sip is a journey into flavor innovation.

Our Cookie Butter Latte is a divine blend, where we melt Biscoff into the espresso shot, creating a latte that's creamy, biscuity, and downright delightful.

Nod to the beloved Paddington Bear with our Paddington Latte, featuring a homemade marmalade syrup that adds a sweet touch to your cup.

Craving something exotic? The Bounty Latte, inspired by the classic British chocolate bar, combines espresso, chocolate, and coconut milk for a taste bud adventure.

Need a little boost? Enter the Chagaccino – a latte with a twist, infused with chaga powder from Renude for a light chocolate delight.

Each sip is a unique experience, a symphony of flavors waiting to be savored. ☕🍪🍫🥥🐻

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Our main Menu

Explore our main menu, where simplicity meets satisfaction. From classic espressos to comforting lattes, we've got your coffee cravings covered.

But if you're looking for something beyond the bean, we've got delightful non-coffee options too – think matcha, chai, and golden milk lattes.

Our menu is a blend of familiar favorites and subtle surprises. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or on a caffeine-free journey, our offerings are crafted with care.

Take a moment, peruse the options, and let your taste buds find their happy place. ☕🍵✨

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Pour Over Menu

Dive into the joyous world of pour overs – the ultimate slow sipper's delight! But hey, who are we to play coffee police? Whether you like it black, bold, or with a dash of milk, we've got you covered.

Our pour over lineup is a wild ride! We dance with blends from our main squeeze, Proud Mary, spice things up with funky finds from far-off lands, and cozy up with the locals from the awesome LUV Collective.

No judgment here, just good vibes and great coffee! Our pour overs are like little coffee art projects, made to order and sprinkled with love. They take 5-8 minutes to craft, and if we're in the coffee groove, it might take a bit longer – but we promise, the wait is a flavor-packed fiesta! 🎉☕

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