Here at Miffies, we use ethically sourced beans of the highest quality, supplied by our friends in Monterey - Captain and Stoker. As well as Captain and Stokers coffee being in line with the Rainforest Act they also have a personal relationship with the coffee farmers.

"As far as our coffee goes, everything is ethically sourced. The company we mainly work with is La Baia Coffee Supply, and we work personally with the owner Michael. He is in our shop daily, and he is the one who has personal relationships with the farmers! Michael is always coming back to Monterey to tell us all about the families growing and processing our coffee, it is incredible to hear. All of our coffees are in line with the Rainforest Act, which is far more meaningful than 'organic'.

Unfortunately the word organic just doesn't have the meaning everyone wishes it did anymore, so that is why protecting the rainforest and making sure the families are paid well/are happy is much more important to us. We are hoping this year we can go to one of the origin countries to meet our farmers as well! Once we decide on which coffees to send your way, we can go into detail about those origins and families growing them"

They roast all of their beans in their awesome coffee shop in Monterey. If you’re ever in the area be sure to check them out!

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