Are you exhibiting at a conference, or want to supply your production crew with artisan coffee and a selection of plant-based, nourishing snacks?

Rest assured as well because you will be please to know that we are California’s first and only coffee truck to run off batteries and solar power rather than a loud and smelly generator.  This means no noise or fumes disturbing your event and guest. Much like our ethos we try to keep our carbon footprint as green as possible.

We operate across all of Southern California, catering for all of your sporting events, television and film shoots, festivals, as well as private hire such as weddings or parties. We believe that coffee is one of life’s necessities and you deserve it in every environment possible. 

From rain-soaked muddy fields to jam-packed, sweltering marquees, we’re available to serve up locally-supplied, sustainable coffee with a friendly smile and relentless customer service at events all year round. There’s simply nothing better than an a rejuvenating cooler in the blistering sun -  we really can accommodate for all of your needs. 

Our state of the art roaming truck is bursting with personality (not only from our creative baristas!), with top end espresso equipment such as our beautiful La Marzocco machine, and exclusively organic produce which has been locally supplied. We pride ourselves in personal connection and nurture our relationship to all of our suppliers, in particular our speciality-grade coffee supplier ‘Captain and Stoker’, an equally purpose-driven brand sharing progressive values and a respect for the environment. 

To secure us for your event, simply drop us an email and we will get you booked in with a 100% secure payment. From there select the menu package you wish to offer to your guests or we can alternatively discuss bespoke options.

Please get in contact with us to discuss your ideas

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