“Travel - Live life by a compass, not a clock”. Stephen Covey

From the UK to the USA, we were destined for the sandy shores of California. Because Vitamin D doesn’t just have physical health benefits but is equally good for the soul, and sunshine makes coffee taste even better, right?

Both previously in corporate jobs, we were on the same linear path as many people take (particularly in the UK), but with extensive knowledge in our respective industries it was time to channel this alongside our creative energies. On a cold and rainy afternoon in England, we dreamt of ways to combine our love for coffee and tea with our enthusiasm for plant-based living. Thousands of cups of coffee and a wedding later, we are here in the Golden State to bring Miffies to life!

It so happens that we started the business just prior to a pandemic, a time in which we were all forced to slow down and many people were questioning what a meaningful life and a purpose-driven career looks like to them. Many have taken this forced time off to reflect on their position and embark on new pursuits, but we had already put in the ground work over two years prior. We addressed our values, our passions, and what we could contribute to the market that was different to anyone else. We began to build our brand, travelling the world not only for fun but as research, not letting a single coffee shop go unexplored! Exploring the U.S as well as our European neighbours allowed us to bring even more culture to the Miffies range. 


It was apparent that our priority was to bring a smile to people’s faces while changing the dynamic of the market for the better, empowering customers to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle with ease. We seek to build authentic connections within the community around us, collaborating with like-minded people that share our progressive vision and offering exclusively sustainable products of the highest quality. 

Most importantly, our ambition is to create a stamp on the USA and for Miffies to become a memorable destination for coffee and tea lovers in LA / OC. We love meeting new faces in new places, but most of all we LOVE THE SUN and that's why we decided to move halfway across the world to set up Miffies Coffee!

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